Our Story

Coming from a long line of women makers – mainly to do with textiles – from yarn production to lace making and fabric pattern design, textiles are in my DNA. No surprise then that you will often find me knitting, sewing or reading about textile artists and crafts women.

Although I learned the basics of knitting, crochet and embroidery in school, it was not the most inspiring experience. And so I didn’t start my making journey until much later in life. Plus, having expert makers around me, meant I could just come up with patterns or design ideas and they would be made for me in no time:)

It wasn’t until 2018 when I discovered Kate Davies and her wonderful designs that my knitting journey started in earnest.

 We live at such a fast pace these days and knitting is a great antidote to that – you can just slow down, switch off that screen and settle into the rhythm of your pattern.

And the end result will be something to cherish: a mini-bank of memories of times knitting by the water or times knitting surrounded by your family or times knitting on the train to visit your best friend…

I’ve always lived close to water and I’m never far away from a woodland.

Walking in nature (ideally with a dog to your side) is one of life’s joys and a great reason for a bit of knitwear.

Yarn By The Water was born out of the desire for that knitwear to be made by hand from a natural yarn which will never damage the nature surrounding you on that walk.

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