Rosy Green Wool Merino d’Arles

Soft wool from southern France, spun voluminously yet still lightweight – fingering weight



In southern France, shepherds have traditionally lead their herds to the lush meadows of the Alps each summer, crossing hundreds of kilometres. This centuries-old tradition of transhumance has been continued with the Merino d'Arles sheep since 1806. These sheep are a cross between the old native breeds and the Merino breed, which Louis XVI was the first to import into France from Spain. Their wool is considered to be one of the softest in Europe, with 21 microns. We obtain it exclusively from certified organic animal farms - from animals that lead a good life.

The wool is spun and dyed by small producers in England. These manufactories take into account the special characteristics of each wool type and process it with great care and craftsmanship. The Merino d'Arles wool has one of the strongest crimps. Hence, it is more loosely spun and appears to be puffier. The result is a wonderfully lightweight yarn.

Rosy Green Wool yarns have been climate neutral since 2021.

Weight 50 g

100 % French organic Merino d'Arles (virgin wool)


Fingering weight, 10cm x 10cm = 26 sts x 44 rows

Suggested needle size:




Product of:

England, France


Piment, Rivière, Mistral


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